Reviving This Blog


I feel awful that I have been neglecting my blog for so long. It’s literally been more than a year since my last post. 2016 was decidedly not my year. One of my new year resolutions is to post more often from now on. To start off, here is a simple and delicious banana bread recipe!

~ Banana & Coconut Bread ~


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Peachy Summer


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Summer is the most ideal time to make peach desserts. They are always a lot sweeter and juicier during the hot season and perfect to use in jams, sorbets, pies, or cakes. I’ve always wanted to go to a peach orchard one day and pick the best ones directly from the tree to fill up my fruit basket. This is going on my bucket list for next summer!

Not only do peaches taste really good in desserts, they also have a gorgeous golden yellow/orange color that pops out beautifully. (The same way a vase of sunflowers pops out and brightens up a room).

To accentuate the beautiful color and sweet taste of the peaches, I decided to bake them in a pie with a lattice crust. I thought this was also great way to create more texture by blending the soft baked peaches with the crisp, and flaky crust throughout the peach pie.

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Coconut as a Mediator


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This summer break has been very enjoyable so far. I spent most of May at home having fun with family and friends before packing again to come back on campus for research opportunities and workshops. While I was packing, my parents were already shocked at how many things I was bringing with me (I just can’t pack light even if I try …) that I made up my mind to leave my baking supplies at home. I thought I could just brainstorm recipes while I was away just like I did when I was out of the country for Spring Break.

Surprisingly though, I was lucky enough to run into my friend Bailey, whom I had the pleasure to meet during my freshman year. Coincidentally we live just a few doors away from each other in the same building! While we were talking and catching up, the subject of baking soon came up in the conversation. She mentioned that she brought some pans and kitchen supplies with her and that she even has essential baking ingredients such as flour and sugar. Since we both love to bake, we ended up setting a date and time to meet up ASAP and prepare a homemade dessert together!

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Baking on Rainy Summer Days


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I remember when I was sixteen and had just started baking as a hobby, I came home from school on a rainy summer day and decided to make orange flavored muffins with blueberries as an after-school treat while listening to the sound of the roaring thunder and pouring rain.

 Earlier this summer when I was relaxing at home, there was a similar thunderstorm which put me in the mood to bake something. I knew that my mom was going to be home from work soon and thought it would be a pleasant surprise for her to have freshly baked sweet treats on the kitchen table to enjoy with her cup of tea.

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Citrus Fruits, Sugar Cookies, and Berries


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One of the main projects I’ve been working on since I got back home is to update my bedroom by sorting out all the things I do not use anymore while creating more space to keep everything I need organized. I think it’s about time I stop pulling my stuff out of suitcases on a daily basis. However, rearranging my room is quite an arduous process! I am definitely getting there but my priority is to dedicate most of the time I’m home to go out with my friends or invite them over.

 Consequently, after a long weekend of feeling like someone on an HGTV show, I invited a close friend of mine over on Memorial Day for another fun baking endeavor. My friend and I are both huge lemon bar lovers so I wanted to make a dessert related to lemon bars while also displaying some originality.

 Lemon bars are usually prepared by baking a sweet, crumbly shortbread crust and then pouring on a lemon custard-like filling containing the juice and zest of fresh lemons and putting it back in the oven. Although the shortbread crust is certainly delicious, I decided to experiment and substituted it with a softer sugar cookie crust. I also incorporated oranges in the recipe by using orange juice and zest in addition to lemons to give the dessert a more complex and powerful citrus flavor.

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